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When asked if he had to choose one moment to relive from his undergrad years as a Delt, Evan Whittle '87 can't choose just one. Instead, he says he'd rather relive his entire college experience over again. The whole experience of being thrown into a group of 50 strangers of different backgrounds and becoming friends with them is what still resonates the strongest with Evan, even today.

Joining a fraternity was never a question for Evan. Which one he wanted to join; however, was. Fortunately, Evan could tell right away that DTD was the place for him. Between all of the late night debates and conversations, watching music videos on MTV back when they still played music videos and just hanging out; he knew he made the right decision.

Evan made a lot of funny memories as a Delt, but the memory that first comes to mind is the time he was taken on a pledge bolt as a brother. He said they created a game while in the back of a Winnebago that consisted of them pressing the test button on the smoke detector and passing it around like a hot potato until it shut off. The unlucky person stuck with the detector got a visit from Jack Daniels.

On top of all of the good friends and memories Evan made, he said that joining DTD also helped prepare him for his career in financials. Serving as the formal chair, for example, gave Evan real life hands-on experience managing a budget for an important event on what seemed like a lot of money at the time.

Evan still makes it up to Penn State occasionally, going back to Happy Valley for Homecoming and football games when he can. Much like other alumni, he enjoys getting together with old friends, such as Alan Hubbell '86, Bob Martin '87 and John Thorsen '86. However, unlike some alumni, being the old guy at the fraternity house is one of his favorite parts of visiting the Delt House. Evan enjoyed the alumni visits when he was an undergrad and enjoys comparing times with the current undergrads today.

One of the things he likely discusses with the actives is his pride in DTD, especially what his pledge class did for the fraternity, with two members serving as undergrad presidents and as members on the alumni executive board. He also likes to remind them to make the most out of college, because it's the best four years of their lives.

Evan encourages fellow alumni to remain engaged with the Delt house in their alumni years for multiple reasons. The primary reason being that they need to support the entity that gave them all of the memories and great times they had as undergraduates and continue the traditions it upholds. He feels it is his and his fellow alumni brothers' responsibility to support the house for future generations because the alumni did it for them when they were in college.

Today, Evan works for Raymond James and Associates in Florida as a complex manager, working with a select group of clients and managing three branches and the advisors that work within them.

Brothers can reach Evan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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