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In recognition of their outstanding service to Tau Chapter of Delta Tau Delta following their years as an undergraduate, the Tau Hall of Fame was established. Nominations are open each year during Homecoming festivities, but admission is limited to a maximum of one brother per year.

To commemorate the occasion, the initiate's name joins those so honored before him on a plaque displayed in the foyer of the shelter.

Criteria by which brothers will be judged worthy of this honor:

The individual considered must:

  1. have been an alumnus for at least 15 years.
  2. receive the unanimous approval of Tau corporation.
  3. not currently be a member of the Tau corporation board.
  4. have expressed a readiness to exert himself during times of crisis
  5. have demonstrated his loyalty to the Chapter through his endeavors to preserve Tau's financial and emotional strength.
  6. shown a willingness to work to further the spirit of unity between the Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters.
  7. above all, have been devoted in his efforts to perpetuate the spirit of Brotherhood at Tau Chapter.

Lathan Augustus Crandall 1872
Induction: October 20, 1984

Clyde McPherson "Sally" Martsolf 1909
Induction: October

Walter Baer Nissley 1910
Induction: October 26, 1984

George Altair "Buzz" Doyle 1917
Induction: February 16, 1981

Robert E. Masters 1938
Induction: September 29, 1982

Albert J. (Bud) Murphy Jr. 1939
Induction: February 16, 1981

Jack Brand, 1941
Induction: February 16, 1981

Howard R. Moore 1954

William A. Webb Jr. 1951
Induction: 2001

James N. Quinn 1957
Induction: September 29, 1982

Frederick R. Taylor 1959
Induction: February 16, 1981

Daniel L. Rees 1959

John E. Glise 1965

Sterling H. Wright Jr. 1978
Induction: December 30, 1988

Arthur Goldschmidt Initiated, December 1980
Induction: October 23, 2004

Timothy E. Phillips 1979
Induction: October 2006

Robert H. Schimmel 1960
Induction: October 13, 2007

David B. Mooney 1961
Induction: October 9, 2010

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