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A Pittsburgh kid who was surprised to find that not all of his Tau Delt Brothers were Steelers fans, John “Scooter” Scalone ’87 is currently the vice president of procurement at Millennium Pharmacy Systems in the Pittsburgh area.  The list of his friends from Tau Chapter is impressive … Brothers who despite differences in background and beliefs all share common ground.  Thank You to Brother Scalone for sharing these thoughts with us. Click below 

What made you decide on Tau Chapter vs. other fraternities at Penn State?  I lived on the same dorm floor with Rich Murphy who was pledging DTD, and Pat Ebel ’86, who would become my pledge mate.  They introduced me to the Delts.  Another future pledge classmate, Andy Rusnack, lived in the same dorm a few floors down.

Who are Brothers you remember the most or stay in touch with?  This is tough because when you have to name names, you always leave someone off.  The Brothers I remember most include all Brothers from the mid-’80s, but to name a few … Merle Freeman ’85, Frank Simpkins ’85, Frank McNamara ’87, Tony Nacci ’85, John Gilroy ’85, Roland Deal ’87, Jim O’Malley, ’86, Evan Whittle ’87, Alan Figas ’86, Alan Hubbell ’86, Paul “Chowda” Bush ’88, Kevin Forest ’87, Scott Carpenter ’87, Andy “Ballpark” Franks ’87, Mike Davis ’87, Bill Eichner ’85, Fred Rechiutti, Ted Walker ’87, JJ Hartenstein ’88 (R.I.P.), John Perrotti ’88, John Cavalline ’89, Pat Ebel ’86, Jeff Bruns ’88, Doug Jack ’88, Tom Foster ’84, Vance Kemege ’85, Rich Murphy, Andy Rusnack, Tom Powell ’88, Corry Novosel ’88, Lance Coss ’86, Greg Christoff ’86, Dave Evans ’87, Dave Grucza ’87 … and on and on.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about at least one of these guys.  I would welcome any contact from any of the Delts.

What are the life lessons and/or memories you took with you when you graduated? I took all the good memories, and there were many, of times with the Brothers.  All the parties, all the late night conversations, the laughs, the camaraderie … Life lessons?  Probably that no matter someone’s background, upbringing or beliefs, we all have common ground.  There truly is good in everyone.  That, and to my shock at the time, apparently not everyone roots for the Steelers!

Tell us about your family and any personal interests you have.  I have been married for 20 years to my wife, Lisa.  We have three amazing children: Julianna (age 16), Alexander (age 14), and Anthony (age 10).  My interests revolve mostly around whichever sports are in season in which my children participate.  I am also the baseball coach for my sons in our community league.  We are HUGE Pittsburgh Pirates fans and enjoy going to PNC Park to watch them play.

Brothers can connect with Brother Scalone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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